4 signs that you are addicted to sex

Anyone who has had sex can attest to the fact that it is always a delightful experience. Sex also comes with some benefits like boosting the immune system, stress reliever, improvement in bladder control, etc.

However, just like other types of behavioral addiction, you can be addicted to sex without knowing it.

Here are some signs that you are struggling with sex addiction

Having multiple partners

One of the ways to know that sex addiction is in play is when you have several partners.

This means that you are not satisfied with one partner, and you want to derive thrills and contentment from several people.

Therefore, you might be ready to engage in some risky behaviors by sleeping around. This increases the chances of contracting an STD.

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Spending several hours on sexually related activities

Another way to know when sex addiction is in play is when you dedicate several hours to sexual activities. As you indulge in these activities, your sexual urges become more intense. And you tend to spend more time satisfying yourself.

Watching pornography

If someone regularly watches pornography, there is a chance that they are addicted to sex. Such people believe that what they see in pornography can be achieved in reality.

They fail to realize that it is impossible to replicate such sexual fantasies. Hence, watching pornography regularly is a sign of sex addiction.

Feeling guilty after sex

When you begin to notice that you are feeling guilty after having sex, you might be addicted. Usually, addiction comes with guilt feelings after engaging in that addictive habit. At the moment, you will enjoy it. Later on, you will discover that it was not worth it.


There are other signs of sex addiction like showing strong disinterest in a partner, loss of sexual prowess, inability to discuss your problem, etc. If you discover that you are displaying signs of sex addiction, seek professional help from a therapist.

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