How to handle video games addiction in kids

Children love playing video games. It is important to expose them to the right ones that will contribute to positively engaging different parts of their brain.

However, if the line is not drawn, many kids will become addicted to video games, while neglecting other aspects of their lives.

If you want to break your kid’s video game addiction, here are some ways to get started

Create a routine for them

You need to ensure that your kids do not spend their whole day playing video games. Even if school is on break, it should not be an excuse for them to invest several hours in front of their screen.

Make sure that you allot a strict time for them to play video games. Once this time frame has been exceeded, turn off the game and allow them to do other productive activities.

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Create consequences for disobedience

Some children might want to act rouge when you set some measures in place as regards playing video games. When you discover that your child does not follow your rules, ensure you mete out the corresponding punishment so that they won’t repeat the act.

Create other productive activities for them

Another way to convince your children not to spend too much time playing video games is to introduce other activities that would equally interest them.

A child should have many activities that they are interested in equally, instead of being addicted to any of them.

Reward them with game time

If your child impresses you in any aspect, particularly their academics, you can gift them some video gaming time.

This would make your child productive in other aspects because they will look forward to your reward. With time, they will naturally prefer other activities and they will tone down their video gaming activities.


If you feel that your child’s case is extreme, you can see a therapist to help you treat your child’s addiction.

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