Shopping addiction occurs when an individual obsessively shop, and these individuals have no control over their compulsive behavior. Based on studies, shopping addiction creeps in when the individual likes how her brain feels when shopping.

When a shopping addict is shopping, dopamine and endorphin are released. And this makes the individual seek more of this pleasurable feeling. Sometimes, it might be difficult to tell if you are addicted to shopping. There are people who love to shop and spend good money while doing it.

So, if you go on a shopping spree once in a while, it does not imply that you are addicted.

Just like other forms of addiction, shopping addicts prefer to hide their addiction. Once they know they are addiction suspects, they will hide their credit card bills, receipts and other items that might incriminate them. Similarly, shopping addicts lie about an element of their addiction.

For example, if they go shopping, they will lie about the real cost incurred during their spending. When an individual’s finances is on the decline, there is a likely chance the person might be addicted to shopping.

A good number of shopping addicts usually swim in debt, and they face several financial problems. Someone who is addicted to shopping might have a problematic relationship because it would affect their partner.

To know if you are addicted to shopping, there are some questions you need to ask yourself.

  • Do you go shopping when you are disappointed or angry?
  • Have you faced problems in life because of overspending?
  • Do you experience conflicts with people about your shopping habits?
  • When shopping, do you feel bouts of euphoric pleasure?
  • After shopping, do you begin to regret almost immediately?
  • Do you shop items that you would not end up using?
  • Do you think about having money every time?

If your answer to the above questions is “YES”, then there is a likely chance that you are struggling with shopping addiction.

There is no medication for treating shopping addiction, but it is advised to see a counselor who will help you out.


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