In the society today, food addiction is a problem which a good number of people are not aware of. There are some people who are addicted to food, but they do not know that such addiction exists within them.

There are a good number of signs which indicate food addiction, and they are listed below:

  • Cravings while filled up: This is one of the major signs of food addiction. There are some people who have cravings after taking a heavy meal. Cravings and hunger are dissimilar, and it is impossible to feel hungry after taking a nice and filling meal.

Once there is an urge in the brain to take something in addition, then it implies food addiction is in motion. This happens to a good number of people. However, if it occurs on a frequent basis, and it is hard to control yourself, then it implies you are having food addiction.


  • Eating more than your intentions: There are some people who find it hard to control themselves when it comes to sticking to their initial food plan. If you find yourself taking more than you planned to, after much persuasion, then it means you are addicted to food. For instance, if you tell a food addict to take junk food moderately, it is similar to telling an alcoholic to take bear moderately, it is never possible.

  • Eating until fully stuffed: When you have satisfied your cravings by eating, and you keep eating till you feel filled up, there is a possibility of food addiction. If you continue to eat and eat, till the urge dies down completely and you are filled up, it could imply that you have food addiction.


  • Regular failures after setting measures for yourself: If you find yourself falling back to your bad eating habits, even after setting rules for yourself, it means that you are addicted to food and you need urgent help


  • Concealing your eating from people: When it gets to the point where you are ashamed of people knowing how much you eat, it is a sense of guilt which suggests that you are addicted to food and you do not want to be mocked.


People who have food addiction need to seek urgent help, before various health effects such as obesity and the likes set in.

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