When the word addiction comes to mind, people usually think of alcohol and drugs. They are the commonest type of addiction, however, there are other forms of addiction which people are not aware of. There is gambling addiction, video game addiction and there is social media addiction.

A good number of people are addicted to the social media, but they are not aware of this. At first, it might look like a harmless act, however, there are detrimental consequences attached to this.

Below are 5 signs which shows you have social media addiction

  • Anxiety when you cannot access the social media: For some people, when they do not have access to the social media, they do not take it to heart. However, there are some people who would not feel okay when that access is restricted. This form of craving is similar to drug or alcohol dependency. When the urge for social media is very strong, it is important to check how you spend your time.


  • When it affects your work time: Another obvious sign which shows you are addicted, is when you spend more time on the social media, and it affects your work schedule. It makes it difficult for you to focus fully on work because you have your mind elsewhere- on the social media in this case.

  • When there is a notification, you check your phone immediately: There are some people who would literally jump to their feet every time, when there is a notification from any of their social media platforms. These set of people are addicted, there is a minute release of dopamine, which is the “happy chemical” which brings the feeling of reward.


  • It is the first and last thing you do in a day: If you check your social media platforms when you wake up, and before you sleep, it is the last thing you do, then it shows you are addicted.


  • Strained relationship: Social media addiction has a way of straining relationships, and once family and friends start complaining that you are distant, then it means that you are addicted.


When you undergo addiction counselling, and basic changes to your lifestyle, it makes it very easy to gain control of your life.


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