Signs of video gaming addiction

When someone is addicted to video games, it means that they barely have self-control over their gaming habits. Hence, when negative consequences begin to occur, it matters less to them because they cannot stop playing video games. If you are addicted to video games, it is important to seek help so that you can take control of your life.


Free Grayscale Photo of Person Playing PlayStation Vr Stock PhotoHere are some signs that show that you’re addicted to video games

Poor performance at work and school

When it comes to video gaming addiction, children and young adults are most at risk. Also, a number of them are still in school, and they find it difficult to focus because they are preoccupied with gaming activities. Some of them may not read their books, or work on assignments until the last minute.

For those of them at work, they might find it hard to meet up with work-related deadlines. And their drop in productivity will be noticeable in the workplace.

Withdrawal symptoms

Another common sign of video gaming addiction is withdrawal symptoms. This means that the individual will experience some challenges because they were away from video games for a long time. Some examples of these withdrawal symptoms include sadness, irritability, depression, anxiety, etc.

Inability to reduce playing time

When someone is addicted to video games, they will find it hard to reduce their playing time. They usually end up spending several hours behind their screens playing games, to the detriment of other important activities that they have to do.

A decline in personal hygiene

Video gaming addicts may barely have time to take care of themselves because they are too focused on their love for video games. Therefore, you will discover a lack of personal grooming, bod odor, inappropriate dressing, etc.


If you know someone addicted to video gaming, it is best to assist them in seeking help from a mental health counselor so that they can get better over time.


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