Basically, the psychological addiction process opines that, addiction undergoes a process of development. Usually, the first phase of this process, is becoming used to the appetitive behaviour. In a good number of cases, this usually commences in the teenage phase, when they become exposed to some of the activities which can make them become addicted.

With time, they begin to have their way when it comes to the choice and autonomy. They have a say over the amount of time they spend in that particular act, and also what they use their time to do. Hence, if the person integrates the behaviour into their lifestyle or not, it is dependent on their personality and the environment.

For some of these teenagers, as they develop into adults, they drop some of these addictive behaviours, while others do not. When people become addicted, they usually discover that the behaviours are powerful, and mood enhancers. This implies that, when they engage in that behaviour, there is a sense of pleasure which they derive every time.

Also, the entire process of managing the feelings and mood usually occur in cultural and social situations, which determine if the person comes down with an addiction or not. The affordability and availability of the substance or the act, which are used by either their family or friends, will determine if an addiction will be developed or not.

When people get used to the behaviour, and they know that they fare better when they do it, there are associations which are developed between the behaviour and the state of mind, and also the feeling which the person needs.

These associations usually develop along the neurological pathways of the brain, and they become automated. Hence, there are triggers which will remind the person of the behaviour. People who are addicted tend to be get more attached to the behaviour, and they usually invest in a level of commitment in engaging in the behaviour.

They will also seek new ways in ensuring that they modify the behaviour, in a bid to step-up the effects which it comes with.



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